Last Daze Of The Philadelphia Science Festival (See What We Did There?)

Look, we know it’s fashionable to be a geek these days. But do you know something else we know? Though geeks may be a primary target audience for the Philadelphia Science Festival, you totally don’t have to be a geek to geek out on it. And even though we needed a tutor to pass high school Physics (we’re writers, after al), we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every previous Science Fest event we’ve attended.

Fine, you’re right–we’ve only ever attended the beer and food events, but whatever. That’s not the point.

If you’ve never made it to any of the culinary or fermentation-science gatherings, you’ve got two chances left this year. Tonight is the annual Science Fest beer event at Yards — seriously one of the best brew events I’ve ever been to. With the Monell Chemical Senses Center and others sponsoring the show, guests in previous years got such hands-and-mouths-on learning as: sampling fresh-shucked oysters with stout to taste the principles of flavor pairings, observing the inner workings of a keg to understand its mechanics, and smelling and even eating hops for a lesson on chemical compounds and aromas.  Time is 7 pm and tickets are $40.

From beer to magical mushrooms. At 5:30 today, “famed mycologist” Paul Stamets explains why he thinks mushrooms can save the world. Ok, ok, back up. I didn’t know “mycologist” meant “mushroom studier,” and definitely had no idea they  could become “famed.” Oh, and other than that one time during college spring fling, I’ve never believed the humble mushroom could do anything other than enhance omelets and make caterpillars talk. So I guess this guy, being an expert and all, has some, uh, science to back him up.

Sampling various varieties of ‘shrooms encouraged. Hors d’oeuvres are included. Psilocybin is not (though we bet we can find you a chem geek or two to cook some up). $10 at The Wagner Free Institute of Science.

Philadelphia Science Festival [Official]