Apple Tasting Menu at Meritage

Photo by Mykola Velychko | Veer

Photo by Mykola Velychko | Veer

Meritage is offering a special apple menu tonight through Saturday, October 19th. The $39 per person menu features four courses plus an amuse and each contains apple in one form or another. There’s applesauce and apple salad. Apple chutney and apple cider.

Check out the complete menu.

Amuse Bouche

Crispy Jonagold apple, bleu cheese, walnut dumpling, spiced apple sauce

1st course

Celery root and Mutsu apple soup, crispy pork belly, bacon apple jam, celery and apple salad

2nd course

Seared New Jersey Scallop, curry apple puree, pickled honey crisp apple

3rd course

Tea smoked Duck Breast, sweet and sour red cabbage, granny smith apple chutney, spiced red wine apple sauce

4th course

Coconut apple bread pudding, apple butter, salted caramel, spiced apple cider

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