City Promises To Crack Down on Sidewalk Dining

The Philadelphia Streets Department has announced it will be conducting monthly inspections to ensure restaurants are adhering to sidewalk dining requirements. The Streets department says an increase in complaints about blocked sidewalks has necessitated the crackdown.

The Street Department’s David Perri says “sidewalk cafes are a valued amenity as they promote a lively and festive atmosphere on City streets. Café operators however need to adhere to their approved seating plans and be diligent in keeping public sidewalks safe and accessible for all users.”

Sandwich boards, banners, “feather” signs are not permitted in the public right-of-way and sidewalk seating is only permitted in city-approved spots.

Violations for not having the correct permits or seating that doesn’t adhere to approved seating charts, will result in tickets and the demand for immediate compliance. Repeated violations can result in confiscation of signs, tables and chairs and could result in the loss of business licenses.

Philadelphia Streets Dept. [Official Site]