Doughnut Stand Coming to Reading Terminal Market


Bob Libkind, who writes the blog, Robert’s Market Report has the 411 on Bieler’s Donuts and Salads, a replacement to AJ Pickle Patch & Salads. In coming weeks, the Bieler family, which also owns Bieler’s Bakery will reconfigure the AJ stand  to add fresh-made doughnuts.

Bieler’s Donuts & Salads will mark the first time doughnuts will be regularly made at the Market in years, though they have been a very popular special offering during the Market’s Pennsylvania DutchFestival.

The Market just keeps on chugging along. 2012 saw the completion of $3 million worth of renovations and the opening of Wursthaus SchmitzThe Tubby Olive, The Head NutValley Shepherd Creamery, Keven Parker’s Soul Food Cafe and Nanee’s Kitchen.

Next up will be Border Springs Lamb Farm, an all-lamb deli, selling their own lamb cuts and lamb dishes such as stew, shepherd’s pie, and meatballs.

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