Reader Poll: Where Are the Best Fries in Town?

In honor of the most American of holidays, National French Fry Day (July 13), Foobooz is declaring Potato Week from July 9th-13th. Each day we will be bringing you coverage of the most potato-y dishes in Philadelphia, from skins to poutine, culminating in the reveal of the best fries in the city on Friday the 13th.

To crown this crunchy golden glory we need you to let us know your favorite place to get French fries. (We’re talking to you, most voracious and opinionated commenters).

What will we do with this fine information? Well, that is for us to know and you to find out during Foobooz Potato Week. So leave us a note and maybe your favorite fries will be deemed the crowd favorite. Or maybe Foobooz commenters will come after you with a proverbial pitchfork-and-torch mob. Either way, this is going to be a lot of fun.