Tiki and Beer Coming to 6th and Spring Garden

Former Provident National Bank – Designed by Frank Furness

While we were away from our computers last week news broke that the team behind Farmers’ Cabinet is taking over the former bank building at 600 Spring Garden and transferring it into a beer hall and tiki bar. The building has recently housed Transit and 90 Degrees, and to another generation of club goers was best known as The Bank, a nightclub run by Stephen Starr. It was built as the Northern Savings Fund Society Building in 1871-72 by noted Philadelphia architect, Frank Furness.

The as yet unnamed project would turn the main floor into an beer hall. The basement would be converted into a windowless tiki bar with a drink menu designed by cocktail whizzes Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal. Pan-Asian flavors would supplement the tiki drinks downstairs while upstairs Southern barbecue would be the cuisine.

According to Michael Klein the third floor will also be utilized as a brewery/distiller. A pretty interesting intention as we still await Farmers’ Cabinet to begin brewing on site and the difficulties in starting a distillery in Pennsylvania.

The project is aiming for a spring opening, later for the third floor.

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