Year In Review: August

Hurricane Irene flooded the Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant | David Murphy


Dish of the Month

 Rotisserie chicken at Rottiseur 

“Amish farmers raises Senat’s chickens without hormones and antibiotics in Lancaster, where the free-roaming roasters develop the all-important “fatty skin” that turns to sheets of crackly gold leaf in the blazing rotisserie oven.” Adam Erace, City Paper

Quote of the Month

“Some of the incompetence, the brazenly insouciant attitude, the grotesque sense of self-importance and utter fabulousness that permeates this deafeningly loud, perennially packed space might have been forgiven had the food or drink been remotely in line with the prices—or, for that matter, with the standards of a mediocre home cook.”  – Brian Freedman on Serafina

Notable Openings

AksumMilkboy CoffeeZeppoli

Notable Closings

Noble CookeryParadigmPortofino