Morning to Night, Things to Bite at

From the ethereal pancakes at breakfast to the grilled Spanish rock octopus at Dinner, Adam Erace finds to be A-OK.

My favorite dinner dish by far was gnocchi, which rendezvoused with diced summer squash, béchamel and luscious house-smoked haddock in a buttered gratin dish. It was unexpected and novel, two adjectives rarely used to describe food at hotel restaurants.

Then again, is much more than just a hotel restaurant. It also makes sense in the city’s dining fabric, with a chef whose name you know instead of some corporate yahoo who doesn’t know us. It’s a less circus-y Parc, a more relevant Rouge, and the Rittenhouse beau monde has taken notice. In seersucker blazers and Stone Harbor tans, they spilled out the restaurant’s open front when I arrived for my dinner reservation. And more still were trying to get inside

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