It Was a Good Food Weekend

Ratatouille at the Diving Horse – Jason Varney | Fussing with Forks

This weekend was a good weekend of eating despite the gross temperatures. It started Friday night with dinner and drinks at Percy Street Barbecue. The molten mac and cheese may have been served at the same temperature as it was outside but its browned breading and cheesey ooze made it a whole lot more welcome than the humidity filled air. Turkey tails and pinto beans also were a hit. It was my first time back at Percy in some time and I really enjoyed it all. A suggested whiskey, served over a single giant cube of ice provided a fine ending and old-time relief to the heat and my just extracted tooth.

After dinner my friends and I continued battling the heat with a stop at Brauhaus Schmitz. After ordering a round of sehr kalt Gaffel Kolsch chef Jeremy Nolen stopped by and said dropped off Flammkuchen, a German flatbread topped with asparagus, goat cheese, smoked garlic and radish. Even stuffed from Percy Street the assembled had no problem polishing off the plate. . Nolen has recently updated the menu with some more modern German dishes and is now making three sausages in house as well as all of the charcuterie and Schinkenplatte, pickled items.

Saturday’s food highlight was chorizo tacos at Cafe Con Chocolate. I’ve gotten brunch at the Snyder Avenue cafe before (also chorizo-based) but this was the first-time in for dinner. The chorizo tacos did not disappoint as they went down as quickly as the sweat rolled down my brow when I first walked out of my house.

Sunday was all about the food as my girlfriend and I were invited to dine at The Diving Horse in Avalon. But first was a stop at Mack & Manco’s in Ocean City. It had been years since I had eaten at the boardwalk institution and I  always feel some dread when revisiting a food that’s perfect in your mind. But there was no need for worry as the slice was just what my soul needed after all the dreadful re-heated slices I had endured while eating for July’s pizza edition of Philadelphia magazine.

Jonathan Adams and his team at the Diving Horse had their work cut out for them if they were going to compare to that lunch. Good for us, they were on top of their game delivering dish after dish of beautiful and delicious food.

Here are two shots of those good looking scallops dishes and I also ordered the lobster ratatouille which appears at the top of this post courtesy of Jason Varney, his shot looks a lot better than my iPhone pic.

It was a great weekend and the scale is only up a pound from Thursday.