P&K Crew Wants to Open Cafe

Dan Clark, Ed Hackett and the Pub & Kitchen crew want to open a cafe at 20th and Kater streets, a block and a half from their bar. Tentatively named Bedford Cafe the cafe will be a 30-seat space open from morning through evening serving breakfast, sandwiches, salads and share plates.  A liquor license will provide a most-European vibe with a selection of wines and American craft liquors.

The proposal would raze the existing vacant two-story building and replace it with a new one-story structure with high ceilings. The kitchen will be located in the basement and in deference to the neighborhood, the kitchen will be vented through the roof, the windows will be sealed and sound dampening materials will be used in construction. Inside a small 8-seat bar will face a raw bar. The walls will be lined with banquettes to provide seating at cafe tables. Outside tables will seat twelve on a new sidewalk under four new trees.

Clark in particular is excited that the cafe would extend the 20th Street food and drink corner further south and truly into the Center City South neighborhood.

The project received unanimous approval from the SOSNA (the local neighbors association) board but a circulated petition protesting the “bar” received 80 signatures. At a zoning hearing this week resulted in a thirty-day continuance and Clark and Hackett are going on the offensive for support.

A petition will be available at the host stand in Pub & Kitchen and Clark and Hackett are encouraging neighbors to email and write letters in support. They is also a Twitter feed @support609 to follow for updates.

If neighbors are interested in supporting the effort, they can email their support to:

CC Wally Zimolong at wally@sigmanandrochlin.com

Letters of support can be mailed to:

Zoning Board of Adjustment
c/o Mary Jane McKinney 1130 Municipal Services
1401 JFK Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Please include [Cal#14743] in all emails and letters.