Around the Web: Amish Meat Smackdown Plus Tutti & Oogie

Boli Buns | Meal Ticket

At Reading Terminal Market, Midtown Lunch pits two PA Dutch sandwiches — boneless rib and pot roast — against each other and learns one of life’s hard lessons: “just because the person making your food wears a bonnet, doesn’t mean its going to be good.” [Midtown Lunch]

Mac & Cheese can ignore the frozen yogurt but is drawn to the cream filled pastries at Tutti Frutti. [Mac & Cheese]

Two Eat Philly are the latest to sing the praises of Kennett. The twosome visit for brunch and especially enjoy the breakfast pizza. [Two Eat Philly]

Meal Ticket tests out Uncle Oogie’s Boli Buns and declares the mini-stromboli nuggets deserve a James Beard Award. [Meal Ticket]

Veggicurious sings the praises of Su Xing House and its enormous menu of cheap lunch-time eats. [Veggicurious]