A 50 Best Restaurants Sneak Peek

Philly mag’s third quasi-annual version of our 50 Best Restaurants ranking will appear in the January issue of the magazine. As in years before, we’ve let the question “Does this restaurant fulfill its promise?” be our guide.

Here’s something about rankings: everyone has something to say about them, always — just look at how much everyone has to say about bars! They’re highly personal and imperfect (like most opinions); as much as we’ve tried to quantify the process, it’s not all about the numbers. Our list will undoubtedly look different than yours. Like snowflakes, no two lists are the same. Well, except that snowflakes don’t make people really, really angry.

You’ll be able to view the entire 50 Best Restaurants package online this Thursday, December 23, but today, we’re giving you a sneak peek (minus the full write-ups) online of the Top 20. Come back here and comment, ya hear?

The 50 Best Places to Eat Right Now [Philly Mag]