Oh My Mofongo! Street Team Finds Delicious Dominican Fare on 5th Street

Tucked around the corner from the bright lights of another eating establishment at 5th and Thompson is Café Colao, a Dominican BYO that has recently reopened under new management.

The Street Team wasted no time digging into the Mofongo Stuffed with Chicken. The mofongo, a latin staple of mashed plantains, arrives piled high and topped with flavorful and moist shredded chicken. To sum up the dish in one word – addictive. Okay, three words – addictive comfort food. If you have room for more, try a Dominican specialty of Fish with Coconut or the Fried Pork Chops.

Washing the mofongo down with the ice cold beer that you brought with you (and that the server happily keeps cool for you in the restaurant’s refrigerator) while listening to the bachata music is a delicious, inexpensive way to laze away a hot summer’s evening.