Open Christmas Night: Updated

The stockings are empty

The bellies are full

The presents all gone from the tree

The celebrating has hit a lull

Your arm, sore from too much wii

Where will you go to find some alcohol?

Here’s a partial list of some bars opening on Christmas night. Please add more in the comments.

Devil’s Den opens at 7pm with Mad Elf keg to be tapped
Grey Lodge first floor bar opens at 7pm. 2nd floor and kitchen are closed.
The Institute opens tonight at 7pm. Your first draft is $1
National Mechanics opens at 5pm with DJ Dirty South Joe at 10
Pub on Passyunk East opens at 6?
P.Y.T. opens at 7
Sidecar Bar & Grille opens at 5pm with no kitchen
Society Hill Hotel will be open
South Philadelphia Taproom opens at 6pm
Ten Stone opens at 7 with no kitchen
Varga Bar opens for the night at 9