What I’m Drinking: Bloody Marys at Supper

bloody_mary_200BY VICTOR FIORILLO

Recently, I sat down for a leisurely lunch at Supper, Mitch Prensky’s restaurant at the corner of 10th and South. I daydreamed as my waiter ran through the specials, but my ears quickly perked up when he said something about bringing me a Bloody Mary menu. Now, when it comes to wine, I tend to drink that green stuff from Portugal. And as for beer, while I’m a champion of all the great work the local crafties are doing, I’ve also been known to throw back a Banquet Beer. The point is, I’m not terribly picky. But make me a watery, bland Bloody Mary, and you’ve made an enemy for life.

You’ll encounter no such trouble at Supper, where the Marys are just thick and spicy enough and totally packed with flavor. Plus, you’ve got five options: the Classic Bloody Mary, garnished with whatever housemade pickles the bartender decides to throw in (and there are many); the Bloody Maria, a combination of tequila, fiery chilies, and lime juice; the Bloody Caesar, made with clam juice (the way they do in Canada) and garnished with a pickled quail egg; the Mary Queen of Scots, which pairs Hendrick’s Gin with tomato and cucumber; and the bourbon-spiked Kentucky Mary, a spicy tomato juice version of the classic Mint Julep. I can personally vouch for the Caesar and Maria, and I’ll be heading back soon for brunch to try the others.

If you have a favorite Bloody Mary spot, I want to hear about it in the comments.