Around The Web: Stuff Your Face Edition!

Collin Flatt has the best thing he’s eaten all year, fried pigs feet stuffed with foie gras at Bibou. [Phoodie]

Philadining sounds the awesomeness alert for the charbroiled short ribs at Vietnam Cafe. [Philadining]

Felicia D’Ambrosio encourages all of us to immediately eat at the Rib Stand in the Reading Terminal Market. [Meal Ticket]

Gooey Looie’s, the deli in the odd strip mall off of Moyamensing Avenue has ruined other hoagies for Phoodie. [Phoodie]

It’s a monster of a veggie roll at Hikari on Liberties Walk complete with sweet potato tempura and “obese slabs of avocado.” [Living on the Vedge]

We’re right there with The Secret is Salt, the Hope’s Cookies in the General Store at the RTM are the best. Yes please to the Heath Bar cookie. [The Secret is Salt]

It’s the portions at La Fonda Colombiana that make it worth the trek up to North Philadelphia. [Phoodie]