There’s Happy Hour, then there’s Happy Hour with a Gnome…

A gnome is the talk of the town today as the CLOG and Joe Sixpack reported this morning.

He’s with us after 21000 of 50000 total votes on the Travelocity website said he should come to our fine city over Boston and D.C.  He’s been traveling the world…just think about how well rounded he is.

You can even follow the li’l one  on twitter.

He’s  taken in some photographs of Toyko at the Art Museum and made his way to the Phillies.  This morning he was at the Comcast center, but what we really care about is sharing a pint with him at Mcgillin’s at 5 this evening.

Mcgillins has recently added 6 new handles to their already impressive line up.

After that-the debauchery begins as he bobbles his way to Nodding Head.  What will he think of the Wumpus beer?  Will he be afraid of the Great Gordon Grubb?  Will he be intimidated by all the figurines with the same size head as him? This could be interesting…

After reading his twitter updates, I really want to meet him…and based on said updates he’s been looking forward to meeting us:

“Packing for the city of brotherly love. I hope they love me.