Food Blog Round Up

Foodzings is on a eating and blogging tear. Recently she was at Cafe Apamate where she enjoyed a delicious brunch without an hour wait. [Foodzings]

Foodaphilia has the round up on last Saturday’s Northern Liberties’ Rib-Off. [Foodaphilia]

The Beer Lass’ heart skips a beat as she reads Pork Roll Hot Dog off the menu board at the Khyber. [Beer Lass]

Foodzings dines outdoors at Johnny Brenda’s and enjoys the hummus and pork sliders. But hey waitress, put some clothes on. [Foodzings]

MenuPages posts a scathing diatribe from an employee at Maoz and what it’s like dealing witht the “mouth breathers that pass through the doors.” [MenuPages]

Mac & Cheese checks out the fuss at Phileo Yogurt. [Mac & Cheese]