Morning News with Border Runs, Burblings

OMG! People drive to Delaware and buy booze there… and then drive it back to Pennsylvania! And Jerz too! That’s so illegal! Yet not many arrests are made! This is actually an article in the Inquirer, not a statement of what everyone who lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania already knows to be true. [Inquirer]

It has been too long since we checked in with The Illadelph and he’s got a wealth of that hotel/urban planning gossip that he specializes in… a possible roofdeck restaurant atop the Palomar hotel, formerly the AIA building? Scuttlebutt on a possible resto-bar amid the miniature golf madness in Franklin Square? A possible site for Starwood’s TBD Philly hotels? Wander through the surmisings, sift through the nuggets and decide for yourself. [theilladelph]

Michael Klein confirms what we could only twitter about last week: Red Sky is not only for sale, it’s nearly sold. They’re running on ‘limited hours’ in the meantime, which somehow translates to not being open on a Saturday night? [Inquirer]