Beer Week Report: SP Pub Crawl, Brewer’s Plate

Beer Week is well under way and we’ve been tooling around town, checking out as many events as our hearts, wallets and livers permit.

On Saturday, one half of Foobooz attempted one half of the South Philly Pub Crawl. Since tickets were totally sold out, we did not officially participate in the event, we just sort of crawled out of our house and crawled down to meet friends at P.O.P.E. (jam-packed) where we drank Sly Fox Stout.

We then proceeded to crawl over to South Philadelphia Tap Room (also packed even with the extra room provided by their new expansion). We attempted to photograph their lovely new addition, but ended up taking shots of the ceiling beams. We tried a Founders Dirty Bastard there, which we didn’t really like (tasted like pennies and had the unfortunate effect of making us angry, sort of like gin). Still no sign of the late lamented Newbold Spuds.

On Sunday, we went to the Brewer’s Plate, which switched venues this year from Reading Terminal Market to the Independence Visitor’s Center. We were told over 900 tickets were sold and it looked like it, as you can see from this aerial shot:


That is Joe Sixpack in the bottom left corner, signing books while suffering from a cold.

Highlights, foodwise: excellent sausage from Sidecar, stout ice cream floats from the fabulous Franklin Fountain, a delicious chili from Royal/Cantina and pork belly skewers from Bar Ferdinand.

Highlights, beerwise: St Albans Ale of Health & Strength from Dock Street, which is sort of medicinal, but in an interesting way, Baltic Thunder and Golden Monkey from Victory, which we were happy to pretend we were trying for the first time and, oh, some other delicious beers that flushed our cheeks. Some might call this rosacea but we refer to it as the happy beer glow. We hope to maintain it all week long.