Super Bowl XLII: What Not To Do, Really


Earlier this week, we asked for your suggestions for escaping the Super Bowl silliness and you answered the call. From skiing to watching old movies to the slightly less practical ‘move to Canada’, we enjoyed all of your answers, but our favorite is this from commenter Nicole:

In any case, during the time of the year between baseball and March Madness, I usually go grocery shopping during football. Especially if the Eagles are playing. At times the market can seem as calm and navigable as it does on the rare Monday morning shopping trip. Although it is considered a huge sin by most urbanites, sometimes I even make a huge shopping list and shop calmly and slowly at the Cherry Hill Wegmans. Now they are really going to hate me.

Now that’s clever. Nicole doesn’t even hate sports! We’ll be thinking of you all on Sunday as we cruise the empty aisles of Wegmans, leisurely pushing our carts full of football-free goodness.

Wegmans [Official Site]