Stylish Spaetzle? Divas in Dirndls?


The Inky’s Michael Klein has tucked a delicious morsel into an otherwise innocuous post on Finn McCool’s today:

talk is growing that Jason Evanchik of Vintage on 13th Street is planning to renovate a watering hole on Sansom into something considerably more stylish and (lest I identify the existing joint) less Teutonic.

Please, Jason Evanchik of Vintage, do not add any stylishness to the hideous wonder that is that Teutonic joint on Sansom Street. Clean it, improve the food, tidy up the beer list and, for Pete’s sake, keep the dirndls. For inspiration, you might look to the new and improved, yet still appealing Ortlieb’s.

Midtown Village has enough style, it needs a little old-school quirkiness to keep it real.

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