It’s Mole & Soup Month

The Bite talks soup today as January is national soup month. Tuesday Legal Sea Foods is giving away cups of chowder. And if you can’t make it out to King of Prussia make it to the Pumpkin Market on South Street for their short rib chili. It’s also Mexican mole month at Xochitl with a special 3-course menu for $40.

Details on the Xochitl Mole Menu after the jump.

Mancha Manteles de Pollo
Chicken stew with chiles, dried fruit, almonds and canela

Mole de Olla con Conejo
Rabbit and guajillo pepper soup

Empanada de Mole Amarillo de Pollo
Chicken empanada with yellow mole

Pambazo de Papa con Chorizo y Mole Coloradito
Potato and chorizo torta with red mole

Platos Fuertes
Venado con Mole de Pistache
Venison with pistachio mole

Enchilada de Langosta con Mole de Ancho y Aguacate
Lobster enchilada with ancho and avocado mole

Guajalote con Mole Poblano
Turkey with mole poblano

Pan de Chocolate con Mole
Chocolate souffle with mole

Flan de Mole de Pistache
Pistachio flan

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