Kwak Running Low

Blogalicious reports that his favorite gastropub For Pete’s Sake is down to its final keg of Kwak. So hurry in. We always like For Pete’s Sake and every time we get there, we wonder why we don’t get there more often.

Our favorite gastropub, For Pete’s Sake, has only about a keg left of Pauwel Kwak, the dastardly dubbel full of mellow vanilla and caramel fluff that’s so fitting for the sweet days of Indian summer. Just ask for Kwak, and marvel at the odd hourglass-shaped beaker in which it’s served. Reminds us of Senor Frogs’ yards of Miami Vices at Senior Week in Cancun, without whole the sawdust-on-the-floor, Papa John’s-on-motorbike thing.

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