Govinda’s Vegetarian

Kirsten Henri heads upstairs from Govinda’s Gourmet to Go to Govinda’s Vegetarian. The sit-down sister to the popular takeout vegetarian. And although the atmosphere and prices are upscale, the service and food are letdowns.

The food isn’t magnificent. The menu is in peculiarly antiquated 1970s-style vegetarian denial. Mock-meat dishes are referred to by their meat names. For example, tofu is listed as “chicken asparagus with saffron rice” on the menu. Why not come out of the meatless closet and embrace soy?

The dishes without mock-meat products impress the most. Hummus is whipped into a brilliant fluff of chick-pea and garlic goodness, topped with pine nuts and served bruschetta-style on crostini (it’d be outstanding on pita). A salad of feathery couscous tossed with broccoli and zucchini surrounded by a creamy roasted red pepper sauce is delicious.

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