Come Up With Cool Names for These Jaguar Cubs, Philly

You can suggest names for the Elmwood Park Zoo’s cute little jaguar cubs. Make up some funny ones, please.

Elmwood Park Zoo

Courtesy Elmwood Park Zoo

The Elmwood Park Zoo has two cute little jaguars cubs, and now they want your help in giving them names.

The Zoo first introduced the cubs in late January, after their January 24th brith. On Wednesday, the zoo updated the public on their condition.

The female cub, the lighter-colored one of the pair, is 10 pounds. The male cub, who is 11 pounds, is the more forward of the bunch, as he “seems to be developing his mother’s love of play,” the zoo says.

But it’s awkward to refer to these cubs as “the male one” and “the female one.” So now they need some good names. Those with name suggestions are asked to email by March 15th with their suggestions.

Come up with some good ones! Or take the whole thing not-so-seriously and name them LaserFur and The Fangster or whatever.