The Revel Casino Finally Has a New Name

Atlantic City’s gorgeous failed casino is no longer called Revel. It’s now TEN. Opening is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017.

Revel Casino Hotel, now called TEN

Revel on its last day of operations in 2014. | Photo: Dan McQuade

The summer season has come and gone in Atlantic City, and despite an initial mid-June opening date, the former Revel casino remains shuttered — and owner Glenn Straub, who bought it out of bankruptcy, earlier this month threatened to leave town after clashing with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

But there is a significant movement in the beautiful property that’s been closed for longer than it’s been open: a new name. Revel is now called TEN.

“The number ten depicts the highest standard of achievement and is widely recognized as the benchmark of quality and excellence,” TEN spokesman Bob Labanara said in a release. “The TEN brand appropriately reflects its idyllic beachfront setting and complete guest experience as Atlantic City’s flagship property. The TEN experience offers unrivaled elegance and affordable luxury for all that includes world-class rooms and suites, spas, pools, nightlife and day club escapes, gourmet dining, retail, a-list entertainment and gaming.”

The casino has even launched a website for the new casino/hotel, A spokesman for the casino says it will open in the first quarter of 2017, pending New Jersey licensing approvals.

“It’s what’s next in Atlantic City. We are thrilled to share our brand with the public and to introduce a new era of resort and entertainment,” TEN CEO Robert Landino told the Press of Atlantic City. “TEN joined with our infinity logo represents our mission to provide the highest-rated amenities and our daily endeavor to offer an infinitely perfect escape for our guests, families and businesses.”

In June, Philadelphia magazine talked to branding experts who said it didn’t really matter what Straub called Revel, but how he marketed it. “Even look at Borgata,” said Stockton University professor Jane Bokunewicz. “What does that name even mean? And they’re the most successful casino in Atlantic City.”

Straub said he’d give $10,000 to anyone who came up with a new name for the casino. It’s unclear if anyone won the prize for TEN.