Jordan Matthews Trucked a CBS 3 Cameraman After His TD Catch

Kyle Hall had a great vantage point for the Carson Wentz’s first touchdown pass. A little too great, actually.

Kyle Hall was trucked by Jordan Matthews after a first-quarter touchdown

Kyle Hall, a CBS 3 cameraman, was flattened after Jordan Matthews’ touchdown in the first quarter of Sunday’s win over the Browns. | Photos: via Pat Gallen; still from game footage

Eagles fans were pretty excited on Sunday as Carson Wentz led the team down the field for the first time. People were anxious to see how he’d do, and he looked great! He’d thrown just one incomplete pass as the Eagles marched to the Browns’ 19-yard line. On the sideline, CBS 3 cameraman Kyle Hall was excited, too. He’s been an Eagles fan his whole life and he was interested to see how Wentz did. As the Eagles moved the ball down the field, the stadium got more electric. “You could just feel the energy in the whole stadium was pretty intense,” Hall says.

He staked out a good spot in the corner of the end zone. Just like Wentz, Hall was on his game on Sunday. When Wentz threw a pass to the corner of the end zone, Hall followed the path of the ball right into Jordan Matthews’s hands. The next thing he knew, Matthews’ helmet was headed right for his face.

“It’s hard to describe what exactly happened in that moment,” Hall says. “I just held in there and I just wanted to finish the shot off. And I stuck around for a few extra moments and all of a sudden [Matthews] was on me.” Hall was knocked back into a barrier surrounding the field.

“It was pretty intense,” he says. “It’s like part of it happened in slow motion. I remember Matthews’s eyes getting really big, but I can’t remember if it’s true or not. Maybe it was my eyes getting big.”

Hall quickly realized he’d taken a pretty solid shot to the lip, but he kept shooting and declined first aid when someone from security approached to offer it to him. Hall was not concussed, and he says the fat lip had gone down quite a bit by this afternoon.

CBS 3 aired the footage he shot this morning.

“Kyle seriously is a great photographer,” CBS 3 sportscaster Pat Gallen says. “The guy always goes above and beyond, and was super-excited to be on the field for the game.… He took a shot and popped right up. He’s the man.”

Hall, a Berks County native who went to Temple, has been shooting football since he was in high school. This was the first time a player had ever crashed into him. He’s pretty positive about the whole thing.

“It was such an exciting game I didn’t want to go [for first-aid attention],” he says. “I got some other really cool plays, too. I’m glad the Eagles won. It was quite an experience.… I’m a little bruised and banged up, but that’s OK.”