WATCH: Here’s the DNC Stage Where Hillary Clinton Will Accept Nomination

“This is the product you get when you use skilled union labor,” Mayor Kenney said.

It’s going to be a weird week.

Today, Democratic National Convention Committee chairwoman Rev. Leah D. Daughtry and Mayor Jim Kenney unveiled the stage and podium at Wells Fargo Center that will be used for the DNC next week.

Bleary-eyed reporters (perhaps none more than yours truly) covered the 7 a.m. event, which lasted only a few minutes. It was a preview of the pomp and circumstance Philadelphia will be getting for next’s week convention. The only possibly new information that we obtained was Jim Kenney offhandedly mentioning to reporters he used to attend WWE — he called the promotion by its old name, WWF — events when his son was a big wrestling fan as a child.

“There is no better city, no better backdrop, to showcase our party’s values than the birthplace of American democracy,” Daughtry said from the podium (the “reveal” of the podium was ostensibly the reason for this 7 a.m. press conference). “What you see here this morning is the result of many months of careful planning and dedicated work.”

The stage is actually pretty cool: Several panels in the basket-weave backdrop rotate, allowing event producers to “change the stage at a moment’s notice” (per Daughtry). It certainly looks nicer than the RNC stage in Cleveland, which was kind of a giant toilet.

“Wow,” Kenney said. “This is where I come to watch our beloved Flyers and Philadelphia 76ers, and to see this space transformed is just overwhelming. And I will say, this is the product you get when you use skilled union labor.” Yep. It is Philadelphia, after all.

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