WATCH: Ghost Hunter Traipses Through Eastern State Penitentiary

Many believe the prison is haunted. In this video, a filmmaker and a paranormal hunter look for evidence of spirits inside Eastern State's walls.

Eastern State Penitentiary may now be best known as a historic site and an annual Halloween attraction, but the realities of the prison were more horrific. From its opening in 1829 to the end of the practice in 1913, prisoners were primarily kept in solitary confinement. The constant solitary confinement was tortuous to the inmates. Many suffered there.

This, of course, has led many to the next logical conclusion: The prison is haunted by the souls of its former prisoners. Eastern State is infested with ghosts.

On the surface, this may seem silly, but people keep plenty of beliefs despite a lack of evidence: Many Philadelphians believe the Eagles will one day win the Super Bowl. Compared to that, a belief in a haunted Eastern State seems remarkably benign.

In the above clip, paranormal researcher Aaron Sagers asks if there is a ghost in the room. (He phrases it less directly, but that’s his question.) New York correspondent Matt Young says “there is definitely a voice.” The New York Post titles this video, “What we filmed in a haunted prison changed our minds about ghosts.” That doesn’t entirely appear to be the case, but the next time I’m drinking in Fairmount I’m totally having a ghost pick up the tab.

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