Cops Warn of South Philly “Flimflam” Scam

Two men in South Philly asked a woman to show them how to use the MAC machine at a 7-Eleven. They proceeded to rob her.

Be alert, gulls! The coppers are warning of a pair running a flimflam scam in South Philadelphia. Philly even released a silent film of the two confidence men running the scam at the 7-Eleven corner store in Girard Estate.

Police say the filmflam, which took place on May 25th at around 3 p.m., began with two men asking a woman if she could show them how to use a newfangled automated teller machine. The two men surrounded her and robbed her of belongings and money before fleeing.

(In the Philly PD’s release on the subject, the cops call the ATM a “MAC Machine” — which is a nice Philly touch.)

Cops also issued new Kodachromes of the suspects.


If you recognize either of these men involved in filmflam, please call police at 215.686.8477, text a tip to 773847 or use this online form.