Terry Gillen Ends Mayoral Campaign

The former adviser to both Ed Rendell and Michael Nutter has decided to end her mayoral campaign. A crowded field still remains.

Terry Gillen has reportedly decided to end her mayoral campaign. She officially announced her campaign in September, though she had been talking about running for a while.

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity for this to be a fabulous wonderful city and that’s what I want to help turn into reality,” she told Philly Mag’s Joel Mathis in July.

“There’s a lot to like about Gillen, but not a lot of reason to think she’s going to win this thing,” Patrick Kerkstra wrote last month. “A lot — make that everything — has to break Gillen’s way for her to have a chance.”

Gillen leaves behind a still-growing field, with three announced candidates — Lynne Abraham, Anthony Hardy Williams and Ken Trujillo — as well as one scheduled to make an announcement later this month (Nelson Diaz), and another, Doug Oliver, contemplating a run. And observers are still waiting to see if Council President Darrell Clarke will declare his candidacy.