Man Abducted by Masked Men, Found Beaten Miles Away

Cops say a man was abducted by masked men from his home, taken to a warehouse and beaten. Police rescued the man after the kidnappers demanded a ransom.

Update, 11:37 a.m.: A man was abducted from his Wynnefield Heights home by men who took him to Olney and demanded $10,000 for his release, police say. Cops tracked down the abducted man, however, and rescued him. One man is in custody.

A witness called police late Sunday night, reporting four suspicious men entering and exiting the home of a neighbor. Police arrived on scene in Wynnefield Heights and found broken glass and a bloody name tag in the victim’s garage.

The kidnapped man’s girlfriend then came to police and reported that she thought her boyfriend was in trouble. According to police, the kidnappers then called a third man demanding $10,000 for the victim’s return — who told the girlfriend. They made several calls to this third man while he was talking to police.

Police then traced the cell phone to a warehouse at 7th and Chew in Olney, near the Fern Rock Transportation Center. Police captured one suspect after a brief foot pursuit, and rescued the victim. The kidnapped man was taken to Einstein Hospital in critical but stable condition.

Cops found a minivan with blood and a gun in it, and also found two cars they believe are connected to the case at 4000 Monument Rd. — the City Ave Target — one of which had three guns inside.

Earlier: A man was abducted by masked men from Wynnefield Heights, then beaten and dumped in Olney, police said this morning.

NBC 10 reports:

The incident began with an abduction around 1 a.m. along the 2000 block of Cranston Road in the Wynnefield Heights section of the city — that’s more than six miles away, said police.

Police took at least one suspect into custody. Officers could also be seen guarding two cars that they said contained weapons parked at a Pathmark a short distance from whee the abduction began.

The man was dumped off at 7th Street and Chew Avenue in Olney and was hospitalized for his injuries from the beating.

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