Ex-Princeton Student Accused of Being A Peeping Tom on Campus

David Chesley, originally a member of the Princeton University Class of 2016, is accused of filming a woman in the shower with his cell phone.

Former Princeton University student David Chesley was arrested earlier this week and charged with burglary and invasion of privacy. A fellow student says Chesley took videos of her with his cell phone camera while she was showering.

Police say Chesley, originally a member of the Princeton class of 2016, pointed a cell phone camera at a woman showering in Forbes College, a residential college (it’s basically a dorm) for first- and second-year students at Princeton. Some students in the annex of Forbes don’t have private showers; the bathroom is secured with a combination lock. Chesley was charged with burglary since he wasn’t authorized to be in the girls’ shower at Forbes.

Princeton says Chesley is no longer enrolled in the school. He was released on $10,000 bail and ordered not to have contact with anyone under the age of 18. “It remains unclear if Chesley knew the victim and whether the victim was underage or not,” the Daily Princetonian reported.

Per his Twitter page, this alleged peeping Tom is a man of God.


His first tweet was a re-tweet of a Twitter account discouraging Princeton students from having one-night stands. His most recent tweet was in August, and was some pro-life thing.

Chesley faces a preliminary hearing on October 6th.

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