Eagles Hiring Swoop Apprentice

Not only will the person hired get to perform as a backup Eagles mascot, but he or she will have "to assure safety of mascot while in costume."

Do you have experience wearing a mascot costume? Do you like the Eagles? Do you want to work for them in a mascot costume?

Well, do I have good news for you: The Eagles are hiring a Swoop apprentice! Yes, the Eagles recently posted an ad online for a mascot apprentice. If hired, you will be a backup Swoop at 50 appearances a year after you’ve been trained. (Or, in the words of the job ad, “once learning of craft is achieved.”)

The Mascot Apprentice will be responsible for assisting SWOOP, the Eagles official mascot, at approximately 200 events annually. The scope of said events shall be threefold: those of a charitable nature, those of a corporate, revenue-generating nature, and those conducted in conjunction with Eagles’ corporate partners. In addition, the Mascot Apprentice, a highly motivated, energetic, talented individual will have the unique opportunity to learn the craft of SWOOP with the potential to perform as SWOOP for approximately up to 50 events annually including game-days. Mascot Apprentice will be responsible for maintaining the positive image for the mascot character.

It’s good to know the corporate events are “revenue-generating.” I worry about the health of that billion-dollar business.

As much as I like mascots, that last sentence quoted above would prevent me from applying for this job. “Mascot Apprentice will be responsible for maintaining the positive image for the mascot character.” No way could I deal with a bunch of kids and keep that positive image for Swoop.

Also, some of the tasks are hard! Check this: “Assisting includes a variety of duties such as ensuring mascot has mandatory break during event, communicating directives of client to mascot while in costume, helping to assure safety of mascot while in costume.” Yes, part of this job is to be Swoop’s bodyguard. If you think you’re up to the task and are applying, good luck!

Additional Swoop fact: According to his official bio, Swoop was born in Bensalem at Neshaminy State Park.

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