Remains Identified as Philly Girls Who Went Missing in 1968

The family accepted the remains of a 14-year-old who disappeared from Frankford 46 years ago. While she's finally identified, the case has not been solved.

It is a chilling story, even now: A teenage girl was found shot to death on Route 82 in Berks County in 1968. The remains of another teen girl were found eight months later. Now, 46 years after they were found, there is some closure: The remains were identified as two teenage girls who went missing from Philadelphia.

Neither girl could be identified at the time, and no connection to the missing Philadelphia girls was ever made. But recent DNA identification proved the bodies were of 14-year-old Sandra Stiver and her 17-year-old sister-in-law, Martha. The pair were last seen at Frankford and Kensington near the El. The family, who now lives in Ohio, accepted the remains Monday and asked for help finding the killer or killers.

“If there’s anyone out there with any kind of information from 1968, when these murders took place … please, it’s time to have a conscience and it’s time to fess up,” Berks County coroner Dennis Hess said. There’s a cash reward for information leading to a conviction. Anonymous tips can be left at 877-373-9913. [WFMZ-TV | NBC 10 | Daily News]