Patrons Stop Robber at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Police say the 20-year-old robber stole money from a patron's cargo shorts. Bystanders came to his aid.

Patrons at New Jersey’s Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park chased down and caught a robber, police said.

Cops say the victim made a large cash purchase inside the park. Gary Troxel, 20, noticed this and — after a struggle — stole a large amount of cash from the victim’s cargo pants pocket. (Yet another reason to not wear cargo pants!)

But the victim’s friends and other bystanders blocked the car Troxel got into until police could arrive. Cops found a small amount of heroin inside the vehicle. Troxel was booked on robbery, heroin possession and related charges. The car’s driver, 40-year-old James Towles Jr., was also charged with heroin possession.