Most of Philadelphia’s Visitors Come from the United Kingdom

The number of overseas visitors to Philadelphia was up 13 percent in 2013.

A new report from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Office of National Travel and Tourism ranks Philadelphia the 13th-most visited city for overseas visitors to the country and says, in Philadelphia, most of those people come from the United Kingdom.

New York City is the most-visited city, followed by Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando and San Francisco. Pennsylvania is the 10th-most visited state, with New York the most-visited state overall.

According to the report, 673,000 overseas tourists came to Philadelphia in 2013, up 13 percent from 595,000 the year before. Of the top 20 cities listed, only Seattle (15%) had a better percentage change. Per the Business Journal, visitors from the United Kingdom made up 88,000 of the overseas visits to Philadelphia in 2013. Germany was right behind with 84,000 visits.

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