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Eagles Helmet
City Life

Rename the Redskins? Why Don’t We Rename the Eagles?

All this noise about the Washington Redskins’ name makes me want to feather up and hit the warpath. The latest politically correct paleface to join […]

City Life

Are Normally Hawkish Republicans Endangering U.S. Security Abroad?

It’s not at all clear if Republicans, especially those knee-jerking and red-necking in the House, have assessed that a government shutdown is having a massive […]

Friday Night Football Game
City Life

Friday Night Lights Out

When I heard earlier this month about the decision by the New Hope-Solebury school board to cancel nighttime sporting events at their high-school stadium, I couldn’t […]

City Life

Child-Killer’s Sentence Proves to Be Incomplete

When Marie Noe was sentenced nearly two years ago, in the largest maternal infanticide case in recorded medical history, there was national outrage that the […]