Eagles Draft Buzz Thread: 4/27

Robert Hanashiro / USA Today

Robert Hanashiro / USA Today

Between now and the draft, we’ll have daily threads with the latest mocks, buzz and relevant links. Check back throughout the day for updates.

1:08 p.m.: Some draft odds courtesy of Bovada:

2015 NFL DRAFT – Who will be the #1 Selection?                

Jameis Winston                         1/15
Marcus Mariota                         6/1
Any Other Player                       15/1

 2015 NFL DRAFT – Who will be the #2 Selection?                

Marcus Mariota                         1/5
Dante Fowler Jr.                        15/2
Leonard Williams                       3/1
Jameis Winston                         12/1
Any Other Player                       9/1

 Will Marcus Mariota be drafted by the Titans?

Yes                  1/2
No                    3/2

2015 NFL DRAFT – How Many WR’s will be selected in the 1st Round?     

Over/Under                               5½

11:16 a.m.: The Titans seem to be doing their best to get the word out that they’re fully prepared to take Marcus Mariota at No. 2. Again, is this a leverage play to make sure they get the best deal? We’ll find out Thursday.

11:04 a.m: This is a player who could definitely interest the Eagles:

9:59 a.m.: Chris Mortensen joined 97.5 The Fanatic to give his take on Marcus Mariota and the Eagles. He thinks the only way Chip Kelly goes after the QB is if he slides. And Mort isn’t buying the Sam Bradford/multi-team deal speculation.

“This concept that Sam Bradford would be part of the deal? That’s a fairy tale in my mind because Bradford is not going to sign an extension with anybody but the Eagles. He’s heavily invested, he’s excited about the Eagles. So you can’t get Cleveland involved — somebody is talking about a three-way trade — that can’t happen because the team that is getting Bradford is not going to get Bradford if he’s not signing an extension.

“So what it takes is for Marcus Mariota to slip past number five, and then I think you might get a little bit of a buzz going. OK, who else is interested? And it’s not just going to be the Eagles.”

Ultimately, Mortensen believes Mariota will go No. 2 to Tennessee.

7:22 a.m.: Peter King led his MMQB column today discussing the No. 2 pick. He doesn’t believe the Chargers are going to trade Philip Rivers to move up. And this on the Eagles:

I can’t see Chip Kelly going all wacky for Mariota. But that’s just me. Jumping from 20, where Philadelphia is due to pick, to the top five would just be too debilitating for a team with some needs. One of the best general managers in football said to me over the weekend: “I think we’re all waiting for Chip to make a move, and none of us really knows if he will.” I don’t either. But I doubt it.

King notes that if the Titans can’t find a trade offer they like, they’ll take Marcus Mariota. But it’s fair to wonder whether they are just trying to maintain leverage. If they felt like Mariota were a franchise quarterback, wouldn’t they just take him?

Clearly, the No. 2 pick is for sale. It’s just a matter of whether anyone’s willing to pay the price to go up and get it.

7:15 a.m.: According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, multiple teams have Wake Forest CB Kevin Johnson ranked ahead of Michigan State’s Trae Waynes.

The guess here? It seems likely that both guys will be off the board by the time the Eagles pick.

7:11 a.m.: Rob Rang of CBSSports.com disagrees and thinks Johnson will be the Eagles’ pick at No. 20:

Even after inking Byron Maxwell to a massive deal in free agency, the Eagles have shown a great deal of interest in this year’s top cornerbacks. Whereas Maxwell is long and physical, Johnson possesses exceptional quickness and fluidity, which could potentially give Philadelphia quite the duo to combat the dynamic receivers of the NFC East.

Rang has the Eagles taking Ohio State WR Devin Smith in the second round:

Despite what Chip Kelly might say, the Eagles missed DeSean Jackson’s homerun threat. Smith could provide that.

7:09 a.m.: Josh Norris of Rotoworld has the Eagles taking Penn State offensive tackle Donovan Smith.

Surprise? Smith checks all the boxes the Eagles (apparently) look for: Senior Bowler, athletic and visited the team’s facility. I don’t love Smith’s game, but teams who do likely think he can play guard and tackle. They must be able to unpack the traits he offers.