Peyton Manning: Mike McCoy Is Ready

If Jeffrey Lurie or Howie Roseman calls up Peyton Manning to get his take on Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, they’ll get a ringing endorsement.

“I think he’s ready; I think he’s paid his dues,” Manning said, per the Denver Post. “Mike’s a good leader. He’s had some good coaches that have been mentors to him, different coaches that he’s worked with in his years in the NFL that I think he’s incorporated some of their leadership philosophies and his own philosophy.”

The Eagles will interview McCoy on Sunday in Denver, a team spokesman confirmed. Les Bowen of the Daily News first had the report.

As we’ve discussed previously, McCoy’s most attractive quality is that he’s had to work with different quarterbacks and different offenses – Jake Delhomme, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Manning. He’s also worked under a respected head coach in John Fox – both in Carolina and Denver.

“I tell you, he’s a worker. We spend a lot of hours together – early mornings, late nights – trying to get kind of our plan in place for what kind of offense we were going to be,” Manning said. “There is no substitute for work ethic, and Mike certainly has that. … In my opinion, he deserves a shot at one of these head coaching jobs.”

We’ve talked about how the Eagles could go up against Joe Banner and the Browns for candidates like Chip Kelly and Bill O’Brien. But if they like McCoy, they’ll have plenty of competition too. The Bears, Bills and Cardinals also have plans to interview him.

As always, you can find all the reported interviews in our special coaching tracker feature.

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