Best of Philly

Best Local Spirits

2016 Best Local Whiskey


This blended whiskey from Olde Kensington's New Liberty Distillery attempts to re-create the distinct flavor of an early-20th-century Philadelphia whiskey, back in the days from when our city was a distilling powerhouse. The result? A clean, easy-drinking spirit that takes to almost any mixer.


2016 Best Local Rum

Petty’s Island Driftwood Dream


Give this one to people who say they don’t like rum. The creation of Camden’s Cooper River Distillers, it is smooth, complex, sweet and hauntingly […] Read more »

2016 Best Local Gin

Rowhouse Gin


Complex but not overly botanical and crafted in small batches by a microdistillery on Frankford Avenue, it makes for a great gin and tonic (or […] Read more »