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2018 Best All-in-One Dog Care

HD Dog Training

Started by a disabled veteran with serious service-dog training, Philly-based HD is the pet equivalent of human holistic care: They train dogs with military precision (and kindness), walk dogs, board dogs, help dogs lose weight, and even transport them to places like the vet and the airport. View Profile »

| 484-443-3641 | Website

2015 Best Dog Trainer

Nicole Larocco-Skeehan at Philly Unleashed

Multiple locations Website

If your new puppy is acting timid, anxious, aggressive or, you know, like a puppy, certified trainer Larocco-Skeehan will get to the root of the […] Read more »

2014 Best Dog Trainer

Philly Pack

2315 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

Jeremy Burger and Krista Milito have been helping dogs with behavioral issues since 2006, using socialization as a way to suss out a dog’s anxieties […] Read more »

2013 Best Puppy Training

Penn Vet Working Dog Center

3401 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

Every Monday night, Penn holds classes (six for $120) that will get your most rambunctious Fido or Spot to behave. Repeat: Penn eggheads teach your […] Read more »

2012 Best Dog Trainer

Kool Dogs

1327 Elson Road, Broomall, PA Website

You didn’t graduate from finger-painting to calculus without a little bit of formal training, and your dog’s definitely not going to get past the basics […] Read more »

2010 Best Dog Trainer

Nicole McBride


McBride, with 15-plus years of experience, teaches puppies and old dogs new tricks quick, from basic obedience to advanced training. Read more »