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2020 Taqueria Born on Twitter

Taqueria Morales

Twenty thousand retweets. Sixty thousand likes. It was one simple, unassuming tweet from Daniela Morales about her family’s brand-new South Philly taqueria that started it all, but after that? It was all about the service, the welcoming vibe, the bright, comfortable dining room, and, of course, the food: hand-pressed tortillas, killer tacos al pastor, rolled tacos stuffed with potatoes, enchiladas Suizas that you’ll dream about long after they’re gone. True, the gods of social media are fickle and often bestow the boon of virality on the shallow and undeserving. But this time? This time, they got it absolutely right.

1429 Jackson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145; 215-645-9392;