Best of Philly

2013 Girls' Day

DollFace Studio

Book a boudoir photo shoot with the gals and prepare to indulge in a little star treatment: hair, makeup, posing lessons from co-owners and photogs Darah Groce and Siobhan Edmonds … the whole deal. Your keepsake photos will be beautiful more Rita Hayworth than Paris Hilton though its hard to say whats the better takeaway: the pictures, or the laughs youll have with your friends while youre prepping for the shoot. And dont worry theres plenty of bubbly on hand to help loosen things up, and as much Madonna (or Whitesnake!) on the sound system as it takes to help you find your inner vixen.

1639 North Hancock Street, Suite 408, Philadelphia, PA 19122; 215-684-2970;