Best of Philly

2016 Modern-Day Parenting Guru

Brandi Davis, Child and Family Coaching

Members of the Dr. Spock generation will roll their eyes when you tell them you’ve hired Brandi Davis, certified parent coach, to help you deal with your kid’s nightly homework meltdowns (or endless tantrums, or constant sass-mouthing). But don’t let that keep you from the sweet relief of personalized, practical parenting advice delivered via one $75, 30-minute call or Skype session (or a month-long series of them for $200). Davis helps parents determine simple, positive plans of action, then offers follow-up support over email and text. Her $10 webinars, covering topics such as "Tame Those Tantrums_ã and "The Art of Pottying,_ã are wildly popular, too.