Best of Philly

2020 New Delivery Service

Black and Mobile

David Cabello, founder of Black and Mobile, is both incredibly ballsy and a little bit crazy. In a delivery economy dominated by behemoths like Caviar and Uber Eats, his idea was to launch a small, local delivery service that focused exclusively on Black-owned restaurants. He tried a Kickstarter campaign (which failed). He got hit by a car. He launched an app (that he designed himself) in Philly in October, with the goal of keeping jobs and money inside the Black community, and it worked. In March, he expanded to Detroit — right before coronavirus hit. And now he’s looking at Atlanta, too, with his biggest challenge being managing the speed at which his business is growing. All of this in under a year. Oh, and also? Cabello is 25 years old, so he’s just getting started.