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Best Vegetarian Restaurant

2014 Best Vegetarian Restaurant


You haven't tasted radishes, rutabagas or sweet potatoes until you've tasted them here. Even something as simple as a carrot is transformed through smoking, then pairing with pumpernickel and kimchee into something that doesn't just hold its place on the plate, but is all the plate needs. Read More »

1221 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-320-7500 | Website

2012 Best Vegetarian Restaurant (Suburbs)

Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

Here, you can witness a belligerent customer berate a table full of innocent ladies for being "too loud" (it happened) and still walk away only talking about how amazing the sliders were. Said annoying customer will become even more insignificant as you eat your tofu banh mi leftovers for lunch the next day. Read More »

772 2nd Street Pike, Southampton, PA | 215-942-8888 | Website