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2021 Best Post-Workout Recovery Services


Recover from those post-workout­ muscle quivers with a range of therapies — chiropractic, cryo, IV hydration, compression, infrared sauna — all under one NoLibs roof. Read More »

1030 North American Street Suite 901, Philadelphia, PA Website

2019 Best Sports Massage

Still Waters Holistic Health Therapies

Massage therapist Dan Johnson is an expert at dealing with chronic pain, and he checks in on how you’re feeling so often that it’s disconcerting (only because so many other therapists don’t). Cash or check only if you pay on-site. Read More »

2305 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-769-1496 | Website

2014 Best Sports Massage

Massage Bella Vista

First you'll choose your scented oil and your music, and then you'll be ushered into a dark, quiet treatment room where you'll meet your therapist. With any luck, you'll get Blue Simmons, whose expert hands will home in on your sorest parts like a missile on its target. After your 75-minute rubdown, she'll walk you through an at-home regimen to keep you loose between visits. Read More »

750 Fitzwater Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-525-0330 | Website

2012 Best Sports Massage

Phila Massages

Recovering from a marathon (or even a stressful week at work) is much easier with help from owners Brian Rutledge and Natacha Vidal. They are pros at finding—and untangling—even the most stubborn knots. And at just $65 an hour, they don't break the bank, either. Read More »

132 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-995-6897 | Website