Best of Philly

Best Soap Store

2009 Best Specialty Store

Duross and Langel

We'll try not to gush too much but these guys are everything that's right with the city. It's not just the products (though truly, there isn't a soap, lotion, candle or hair-care product we haven't nearly tried to eat). It's what's in them (preservative-free ingredients derived from botanicals), how they're made (in small batches, in the in-house soap kitchen or nearby lab), how they're done up (in 100 percent recyclable packaging), and how they're sold in a way that totally builds up the community the store is part of (joining with other Midtown Village businesses for sales and events, and employing local Service and Help), that make this a model for how to run an independent shop in Philadelphia. So, the gushing thing? Yeah, we take it back. Read More »

117 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-592-7627 | Website